Monday, April 24, 2017

History of Erie Canal Program at April 2017 Quarterly Meeting

Bruce Schwendy was the guest speaker at the Galen Historical Society Quarterly Meeting on Mon. April 24th, 2017. He spoke about the history of the Erie Canal, led a single-a-long playing the song "Low Bridge", and shared his historic canal horns with us. Mr. Schwendy has studied the Erie Canal for 15 years and has written several articles about it. He is also on the board of directors for the Canal Society of New York State.
We will be holding the July Quarterly meeting on Mon. July 17th, 2017. The Erie Canal Votilla will be joining our community celebration and picnic.  The Votilla will be traveling the Erie Canal to recognize the 100th anniversary of New York State giving women the right to vote and the beginning of the construction of the Erie Canal. We hope to see you there.

Saturday, April 8, 2017

Voting Booth Finds New Home at Mill Museum

The Clyde Savannah Public Library donated their old public voting booth to the Galen Historical Society. Several members helped move the voting booth to its new home at the Mill Museum on Saturday April 8th. Wilson Martin, of Wilson & Marsha Trailer Service, Glasgow St., Clyde, helped lift it onto, and off of, the back of a pick up truck using their skiff loader. The Galen Historical Society is currently planning to use the voting machine in the new Retail section at the Mill Museum. The Mill Museum will be open for visits on Saturday mornings this summer. We want to thank Wilson Martin, Darryl Bailey, Alan Stirpe, Beth Bailey, Gregory Bailey, and Jim Darnell for helping us move the voting booth, and the Clyde Savannah Public Library for donating it to us.