Sunday, August 13, 2017

July Quarterly Picnic Featured Visit from VoteTilla

The Galen Historical Society hosted a community picnic and visit from the VoteTilla  on Monday July 17th,  2017. The VoteTilla was a week long Erie Canal boat trip to celebrate the 100th anniversary of New York State giving women the right to vote.
After a short business meeting, everyone enjoyed a delicious meal catered by Hometown Meats and Deli, bluegrass music, and a program filled with historical visitors provided by the VoteTilla. Clyde SPAN sold hot dogs and the local Girl Souts sold desserts. It was a enjoyable way to spend a hot summer evening.
Thank you to all of the local service organizations, the Village of Clyde, and the Town of Galen for your support.
Our next Quarterly meeting will be on Monday October 23rd, 2017. We are planning to view the video made for YouTube by Hugh Miner, Steve Groat, with music written and performed  by John and Nancy Bryan.