Friday, July 6, 2018

The Case of the Disappearing Steam Engine

Did anyone notice something missing from outside of the Mill Museum in Clyde, NY? Don't worry; it was on purpose. On Saturday June 30th, 2018, thanks to Brian Howell and his new tractor, we finally managed to get the "Big Ole" Steam Engine into the basement of the Mill Museum. This is part of the historical society's efforts to clean and reorganize the Mill Museum and the wonderful agricultural exhibits.
Also assisting Steve Groat and Brian Howell was Burt Bogart (museum neighbor). Please refer to the photos for a guide to success. Don't get fooled, it wasn't as easy as the
photos look. We had three Engineers on site and that combined brain power
reduced the entry time to one hour. Again, many, many thanks the Mr. Howell!
Thank you to Steve Groat for the information I used and the pictures.